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Andy & Tash // Proposal

Andy & Tash tie the knot very soon! So in celebration of their upcoming marriage, we thought we'd share some photos from their proposal last August!

These guys have been dating for 7, going on 8 years! So this proposal was a long time coming! Tash is Kirsten's sister and Andy is a close friend/brother to both of us so being a part of this moment was such an honour!

The proposal story:

Tash was under the impression that she was going to the forest with Kirst for a sister photoshoot - which if your sister is a photographer, this isn't unusual! Then as we went around the corner, Tash spotted Andy waiting for her. Andy had set up an aisle in the woods and at the end, a picnic for them to enjoy. Along the asile was 7 balloons, representing each year of their relationship. Tash was led down the asile to each balloon which she had to pop as inside each one was a little note from Andy. Finally once they reached the end, it was Andy's turn to 'pop' the question. Long story short, she said yes!

Such a romantic and magical proposal! Andy did such a great job, the whole set up was beautiful!! We are so excited to be a part of their wedding day this March!

Check out some of the highlights from the proposal below! (We didn't photograph the actual moment Andy proposed out of privacy & request - according to him he was nervous enough without knowing he was being photographed! haha)

We are so excited for their wedding! Adam will be photographing it & Kirst will be Maid of Honour! Keep posted for a sneak peek!

Until then,


Adam + Kirst

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