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3 Online Stores for Your Bridesmaids

One of my great grandmother's biggest fears was the fear of possibly bumping into someone wearing the same dress. For some of us today, buying our bridesmaid dresses from the mall or local shops carries that same fear! What happens if one of our guests turns up wearing the same dress as our bridesmaids?! My great grandmother's solution was to become a dressmaker, and an amazing one at that! But for most of us, making your own bridesmaid dresses probably isn't a reliable option. But what we do have access to is the big, wide world of online shopping! The range of styles & colours available is amazing!

Check out our compiled list of our 3 favourite online stores for bridesmaid dress shopping!


The beautiful thing about ASOS is the price range. Almost any wedding budget can find peace in this shop! Whether you're wanting to spend under $50 or you're wanting to spend the big bucks, they have it all. Not only that but they are widely stocked with a whole range of styles; whether you are looking for maxi florals, an edgy playsuit or something a little more classic, the range is endless! They have incredible sales where, if you're lucky, you can buy dresses for up to 70% off and they have just launched a new wedding store!

Check out the Asos dresses my sister chose for us girls at her recent wedding!


Weddington Way is an American online store that offers a unique experience called Social Shopping. Set up an account, save a few of your favourite dresses, then invite your girls to join your showroom where you can easily share & compare the dresses you've found and love! This site is full of classic dresses in any colour you could imagine! Whether you're looking for the same dress in different colours or the same colour in different dresses, this is a great online store to source some fresh inspiration! They even have the option to send out fabric swatches before you purchase so you can make sure you're happy with the colour & fabric! Shipping costs are a little high so this site would be more for the mid-high budget. (prices shown in USD)

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ModCloth in general is an awesome online store for those wanting something a little more unique! Think indie & vintage with a mix of modern & classic. These dresses have some serious cool factor! Quite often you'll find yourself wondering if you've stepped back in time with the number of gorgeous 50s and 60s inspired dresses available. They have less of a range than ASOS & Weddington Way but they make up for it with their originality factor! The prices are in USD dollars so be sure to figure out your budget & convert it into this currency before you start exploring! For the mid-high wedding budget.

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