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5 Ways to Bring Meaning into Your Wedding Details

One of the things we love to photograph at weddings are the details! In the details you find the creativity & character of the couple. You find the DIY gems and the generational ties. It is the details that give you a great sense of the love and passion poured into the day!

Check out our compiled list of details not to overlook as your begin planning your wedding!


Gone are the days when the only wedding cake flavour you could have was fruit cake. Nowadays you can have any flavour you wish or even opt for non cake-cakes i.e cupcakes, cake pops or even donuts, tiered up like a cake! In planning my own wedding I'm learning that, if possible, I want to do nothing without meaning. Which includes my cake! When Adam first asked me out 3 years ago, he baked me a carrot cake with 'will you go out with me?' written on it, so for us, carrot cake has always been extra special & will probably have its place on our wedding day. As you plan your wedding day, try find something meaningful in your cake making decisions! Whether it be that you both hate cake & actually love donuts, then do it! It's the details that have meaning that will add that special touch to your day!

Check out Toni & Seb's pavlova wedding cake!


I'm going to be honest, for a while there I thought wedding favours were just another thing our generation added to weddings to make them more Pinterest-worthy & to force our budgets all the more higher. Has anyone else ever felt pressure when it has come to favours & realising how expensive they can be?! Well, it turns out favours are not something new, in fact they've been around for centuries. The purpose of a wedding favour is to be a gesture of appreciation & gratitude to your guests. To thank them for joining you on your special day but beyond that; to thank them for their love and support leading up to this moment and going forward as they to help you step into this new adventure. Once I realised the meaning behind favours I changed my tune completely. You don't have to spend thousands on wedding favours; it is the element of appreciation that should be most important & with this, your guests will soak in the heart behind the gesture. If your budget doesn't allow for favours, do not feel pressured to have them! But also don't be afraid to be unique & creative - a small hand written note for each guest with a lollipop attached is one way of showing your appreciation without breaking the bank. My point: remember the purpose of a favour & then run with it!

Check out Tash & Andy's cute DIY jam favours! "Spread the Love"


Did you know that most flowers have meaning & symbolism behind them? Baby's breath for instance symbolises innocence & purity of heart and Hydrangea is known to symbolise understanding. Something to consider as you pick your flowers! It is definitely something Adam & I will be looking into to! Other ways to add meaning to your floral choices is by using the flowers your parents used at their wedding or, if you can remember, using the first flowers you remember receiving from your future husband! So sweet! And be sure to talk to you parents about flowers & the cultural significance they may have within your family.

Check out the florals done by the bride herself! Can't get any more personal than that! Erin from Rosebud and Willow did and amazing job!


Bars are no longer just a place to grab an alcoholic beverage when it comes to weddings. Nowadays a common addition is a lolly bar (which can also replace the need for a favour). Adam is a massive fan of fruit. Like a serious fruit lover, especially bananas! And this is common knowledge amongst our family & friends. So we've decided that for post ceremony nibbles, alongside the standard canapés, we'll be having a 'Fruit Bar'. It's quirky, it's cute & it has Adam's name all over it! Consider adding a new twist to your own wedding bar! A signature cocktail, a lolly bar with your favourite sweets, a sundae or pancake bar for a unique dessert option; whatever it may be, let it be something unique & special to you!

Check out this cute cookie bar! Image by Abbey Rose Photo, soured from moncheribridals.com


The morning of the wedding is a time when you want to be as calm & relaxed as possible. Along with getting your hair & make up done & having a champagne breakfast, there are lots of other ways to make your morning intimate & unique; reading a love letter from you groom, sharing gifts with you bridesmaids, spending time in prayer or reflecting upon your relationship. For the morning of my wedding I've decided to invite 6 of girl mates, along with my 2 bridesmaids & my mum, to join me as I get ready at the salon in the morning. They'll join me in having a fun, girly morning while I get ready for my big day. It's not standard but it suits me perfectly & the girls are super excited for our pamper session! The morning of your wedding will set the tone for your day so find something special to incorporate into your morning that will make you feel super special & ready to enjoy one of the best days of your life!

Check out Emma & her girls on the morning of her wedding in their gorgeous matching robes!

I'm so excited to keep planning my big day & bringing in elements of meaning throughout the decision making process! Hope this list helps you find your own unique way to bring in something meaningful & special to your wedding details!

Until next time,



Ps... Here's the photo I mentioned earlier! The cake Adam made when he first asked me out almost 3 years ago! A beardless Adam! So bizarre! Eek can't believe that man is now my fiancé!!

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