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Saying I Do to an Engagement Shoot

So now that you are engaged, one of the next questions you must consider is should you have an engagement shoot. As photographers our answer is off course, yes! But let us elaborate on why before you make your decision:

1) Know the photographer

Wedding photos can be intimidating, but by having an engagement shoot you have the chance to meet your photographer & build a relationship so that on your wedding day you feel comfortable working together. If you haven't yet picked a photographer, consider doing an engagement shoot as a 'trial run' for your wedding. There are so many wonderful photographers out there but not every photographer is going to compliment your personality and style. An engagement shoot will show if the photographer is right for your wedding.

2) Know yourself

Do you remember the episode of Friends when Chandler had photos taken & showed off the most awkward of smiles? Well having an engagement shoot is an easy way to know how you photograph. From the photos, you'll spot poses and angles you love and you might even notice a few odd quirks that you do (like Chandler's smile) that you want to work on before your big day. This might not make sense if you haven't had professional photos taken before, but honestly trust us: for my sister, we learnt after her engagement shoot that she often wore a nervous looking smile whenever she was in front of the camera. So to work on that for the wedding, she realised all she needed to do was laugh before she smiled and out came her beautiful, natural smile, making for some stunning wedding photos!

3) Know your confidence

One of the best tips for photographing well is being confident. Confidence turns a timid smile into a real moment. An engagement shoot will help you get past that first awkwardness of showing PDA in front of the camera and will help you realise how relaxed getting photographed can be; seriously it's not that scary! Having an engagement shoot is worth the confidence boost and will transform how you feel about being photographed on your wedding day.

4) Know the process

If you have never been professionally photographed or been in a bridal party before, chances are you'll have no idea what to expect and might even dread the thought having photos taken on your wedding day. An engagement shoot is a great time for you both to bond with the photographer and get a proper feel for the photography process. You'll both get a chance to ask questions and also begin to understand why photos take more than a couple of minutes. The best thing we hear at the end of an engagement shoot is how surprised a couple is by how fun getting photographed can be! Which is, after all, what it's all about!

5) Know how to use them

We can't leave out the obvious reason to have an engagement shoot! A chance to get cute, updated couple photos! Life is about to get a whole lot busier, so why not stop & do something special together! Engagement photos are a moment to enjoy being engaged & celebrating your new season. Not only are they lots of fun but engagement photos can also be super useful for the wedding planning process! Tap into your creative side and find ways that you can incorporate your photos; save the dates, table numbers, wedding invites, embellishing wedding websites etc. The options are endless!

We can't wait to shoot our own engagement photos! Here's a fun shot from our mini Save the Date shoot! Gotta love that ivy & those gold foil balloons!

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Ps. if you'd like to book an engagement shoot, send us a message, we'd love to chat!

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