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5 Adorable Ways to 'Propose' to your Bridesmaids

Now that he's asked the question, it's time for you to pick your bridesmaids! Pinterest is full of adorable ways to 'propose' to your girls. To help you narrow it down & know what to do, here's a list of 5 creatively gorgeous ideas!

1) 'Pop' The Question

Source: Pinterest

Who doesn't love a cute pun?! Buy some confetti, write the question on a little note, rolled up like a scroll and then ask a local store (think Look Sharp) to put them inside the blown up helium balloons ready to be popped!

2) Shirt or Nightie

Source: Luv Design, Asos.com, Etsy store: shopluveolive

What better way than to let the clothing do the talking! Invite your girls over for a pamper night and surprise them with a wedding themed shirt or nightie! Not only are they an adorable way to ask your bridesmaids, but you can all use them again and again: think wedding planning nights, sleepovers, hen's nights, bridal showers (instead of sashes) & a cute outfit for them to get ready in on the morning of the wedding! Fun!

3) Drinks on you!

Source: iCustomLabel, Buzzfeed, Pinterest

Once you're engaged it's super important to take time out from planning to actually celebrate this new chapter! Buy your favourite bottle of bubbles, print a customised label (either create your own or check out Etsy) and get ready to celebrate with your newly asked Bridesmaids! Not only is it a cute way to ask, but it's also a great excuse to stop and celebrate together! If your not a big alcohol drinker like me, get creative! Customised labels can make anything look awesome! (Customised pizza box?!!)

4) Rom-Coms & Wedding Movies

Source: Pinterest

For each of your girls, buy a fun, wedding themed DVD with your hidden question inside. Since being engaged I have loved watching wedding themed rom-coms; even more than usual! Life is about to get super busy so make it a promise that before your wedding, you'll have watched all of the movies together! #girlsnight

5) A Meaningful Note

Source: PersonalPaperHugs, PontoMountainPaper, GiveItPretty

Let's be honest, proposing to your Bridesmaids might sound exhausting & expensive! If simplicity is more you, writing a heartfelt note is a beautiful way to go! Use it as a time to thank your besties for their friendship over the years and to thank them for being overall amazing! If you want to add that something special, check out Etsy for a bridesmaid themed card and even pop in a little confetti or glitter!

Have any other ideas? Let me know! I'd love to hear them!

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