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5 Ways to Include The Mother of The Bride

As Mother's Day has just been and gone, it had me thinking, how am I going to honour my mother on my wedding day? Traditionally the father of the bride has many roles of honour on the day: the walk down the aisle, the first dance, the fiancé asks the father for permission before the proposal etc. So what about the mums out there? Here are some ways to not only honour your mother on your wedding day but to also make her feel special throughout the planning process!

1) Wear

The bride's dress is of course the most important dress of the day but don't overlook helping your mum find something special to wear. What I have loved about planning my wedding so far is the excuse to spend time with the ones I love. For me, I know my mum is going to be doing lots to help me in this chapter (which she already has!) so I plan on doing a mother/daughter date to go find her something beautiful to wear! She deserves to feel beautiful & confident on the day too! If shopping isn't your thing, consider contributing a small gift of money to go towards her dress or recommending shops for her to check out.

2) Borrow

Another way to include your mother in your wedding plans is to borrow something of significance to incorporate into your day. This may be something big, like her wedding dress, or something small, like her veil, a hair pin, vintage earrings etc. If you're not sure you want to include that item for the whole day, consider using it as a photo prop or having it tucked away inside your dress.

3) Share

Something special I have enjoyed since being engaged is talking to my mum & future mother-in-law about their wedding day experiences & looking through their wedding photos. After seeing a photo from our parents wedding, my sister decided to throw the same type of confetti coming back down the aisle as our mum. They were able to have this shared experience & now my sisters photo carries extra meaning for both my mother & her. For me, I think I might do the same & continue the tradition. Some different ways to share an 'experience' and create a tradition might be to include similar flowers as your mum's bouquet, a replicated photo or a morning activity your mother did on her day - unless that means rushing your fiancé down for a last minute haircut like my mum. Whatever it might be, sit down with your mum & see if there's something she did on her day that you'd love to include in your own wedding to add extra meaning for you both.

4) Honour

Try find a role of honour; whether it be a reading, signing the wedding license or walking you down the aisle alongside your father. It may only be something small, but it will leave her feeling loved as she watches her baby get married!

5) Give

Lastly, give thanks with a gift. My mother gives above and beyond: whether it be her love, her advice, her grace or her new fluffy socks to me when I complain of having cold feet (relax, it's winter here guys, I'm talking about my actual cold feet not metaphorical ones!). Getting married is such a significant moment, soon I will be a part of my own family with my soon to be husband! What better time than now, to stop & be thankful to family. To give, doesn't mean you have to go buy an expensive gift (though if you can, go for it!) it could simply be a card, a letter or even a framed photo of you both. Whatever it is, make time to stop & give thanks to your mum for all she has done over the years!

I am so thankful to both my parents & can't wait to find a way that honours them both on my wedding day & that thanks them for the love they've given to me over the years!

Would love to hear how you plan on including your mum in your wedding!

Until next time,




Ps! The term 'mum' doesn't just mean your biological mother, we know there are other kinds of mums out there too, so feel free to celebrate whoever it might be that is the mother figure in your life!

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