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Wedding Websites For The Win

As much as I love printed wedding stationary and wedding invite suites, wedding websites are definitely something all brides should consider before they make their final decision. They are such a fun and personal take on the traditional invitation and as the trend becomes more popular, more options are becoming accessible and affordable for brides. Oh! And if you love paper invites and can't imagine not having them, there's nothing stopping you from having both!

Adam & I opted for a wedding website and we are super happy with the results! We've had so many compliments on our site! Here's a little sneaky peek of our title page:

Our top reasons why we recommend opting for a wedding website!

1) Personal

Adam & I are all about things that are meaningful and personal. A wedding website let's you stamp your personality all over it! From pictures to your 'dating story', you have the freedom to make it your own. A wedding website allows your guests to share in your story as they look through your engagement photos, learn about your bridal party as well as get an overall feel for your day. We especially loved sharing our dating story and sharing funny photos from when we first started dating!

Sourced from Appy Couple

2) Affordable

Wedding websites are typically more affordable than any paper equivalent. For budget conscious brides this is an ideal option: there's no costs for envelopes, paper, stamps, embellishments etc. In fact, there are a number of completely free wedding websites available! Whether you choose to pay for an upgrade or boutique site or you decide to go for a free option, like us, there is something for every budget. The only thing to remember is you might have to print of a few paper invites for guests who aren't connected to the internet.

Sourced from Brides Notebook

3) Accessible

We are living in a social media & online age. Of all the weddings I've been to over the last two years, I've had at least one friend every wedding txt and ask 'what time is this wedding again?' Wedding websites give guests the convenience of having all the information accessible to them wherever they go. It's also great for sharing accommodation and registry information as the guests can easily access links that take them directly to where they need to go!

Sourced from Brides Notebook

4) Sustainable

Of course, no waste. For me, I'm the type of person who wraps gifts in old newspaper because I hate to see paper going to waste! (Don't worry, I wrap them all pretty and crafty!) When it comes to weddings, some of us struggle with the idea of sending out 3-4 pages per invite plus envelopes to over 80+ guests knowing they are essentially going to end up in the bin after the wedding has been and gone. I love paper invites and the talent taken to make them, don't get me wrong! But for brides wanting to be a little more environmental friendly whilst saving costs, consider having a wedding website or a 1 page invite backed up by a wedding website. It'll save costs and shrink your paper waste.

Sourced from Joy

5) No Limits

With wedding websites you can do as little or as much as you want. Whether it be adding pictures of your bridal party and sharing stories of how you and your fiancé met or creating a poll for which flavour cake you should pick between, the options are almost limitless. For those who are after something simple or for those want to push their creative limits, wedding websites can be moulded to fit each couples personal tastes and needs!

Sourced from Wedding Woo

As you can see, we're big fans of wedding websites! Especially now that more and more options are becoming available! Want to start creating your own? Check out our favourites: (free) (one time payment) (monthly subscription) (yearly subscription) (free)

Until next time,


Adam + Kirst