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Weddings Photos: Before or After Ceremony?

As wedding tradition goes, it is bad luck to see the bride before the ceremony. Whether or not you believe this, this rule is starting to change as a number brides are opting for pre wedding photos. What’s the new rule for weddings? There’s no rules! How you decide to have your wedding is how you decide to have your wedding, whether following tradition or making your own! It’s your day! So have you thought about it? When to have your wedding photos? Well, here is our list of pros and cons to help you make a decision before you break tradition!


1) You’ll be freshly put together and picture ready. As soon as you’re done getting ready, you’re off for a first look and then photos with your partner and bridal party.

2) You get to spend more time with your bride/groom on the day. Rather than spending the morning a part and not seeing each other till the afternoon, you get to spend more time together and even potentially share lunch with them & your bridal party, fun!

3) After the ceremony you have more time to celebrate. There's no feeling quite like being freshly married! But sometimes you can loose this when rushing from ceremony straight into photos, so pre photos means more time to relax & enjoy your afternoon celebrating!

4) Your guests don’t have to wait around. Pre photos are great for guests as it means less time waiting around between your ceremony & reception and it means you get to enjoy more time with them!

5) You have more time for wedding photos. Your time frame is a little more flexible with pre wedding photos so you're able to include a little more time for things like travelling off site and taking your time rather than having to fit photos in between ceremony & reception and not leaving guests for too long!


1) If you’re someone who is easily worried, you might end up focusing on not getting your dress dirty before your big reveal at the ceremony which could be quite stressful. Plus photos earlier in the day can mean photos in the hotter part of the day making everyone that little bit more sweaty in Summer!

2) The later your photos are in Summer, the better the lighting. Nothing beats afternoon light & the golden hour (an hour before sunset). Midday light can be harsh and unflattering. It isn't bad to shoot then but the afternoon light is just a lot softer and easier to work with so if soft light is your preference, consider afternoon/sunset photos.

3) Guests can be easily entertained. I know we said earlier that you want to avoid guests hanging around waiting but... guests are easily entertained! Lawn games, a photo booth, nibbles and drinks! If planned right, this can actually be an enjoyable and memorable time for your guests!

4) And lastly wedding photos are a chance to take a break away from your guests and take a breather with your now husband/wife. From our own experience, we loved sneaking away for wedding photos together after our ceremony and having time together to cuddle, kiss, laugh & just enjoy being freshly married! So if you're opting for pre-photos, we highly recommend including 30mins for photos after your ceremony for photos together to enjoy some quiet time away from your guests - we'd suggest doing this right before your reception or during the golden hour. (Pro tip: If you do it before your reception, this is a great time for your MC to release your 'ceremony only' guests without you being there!)

We love shooting photos both the traditional way (after ceremony) and the modern way (first look and before ceremony!). Only you & your partner know which will suit your wedding day best! But we hope this list has helped you decide which you'd like to do!

Until next time!

Adam & Kirsty


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