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Our Adventures // Venice, Italy

Next up on our month trip abroad, Venice! Man, what they don't tell you about Venice is how busy it is! Bustling crowds through tiny narrow alleyways and streets, everywhere you look! Actually so crazy! We got lost a few times in the maze of Venice - google maps isn't the best here haha! We arrived super early for a morning walking tour and the whole city was covered in fog! Definitely worth getting there early to grab some sweet photos of the place less busy! It was peaceful & quiet at 8am! Just beware of the men who try give you birdseed to feed the birds and that the toilets don't open till 9am!

Here are a few highlights from this part of our adventure:

Adam being a funny guy lol... sometimes I think he thinks he's a model ;)

Definitely worth looking online at different options for a gondola ride rather than buying in Venice! We got a walking tour & gondola ride online for cheaper than the gondola ride price in Venice!

And here's a bonus funny shot - Andy decided to hide & scare us lol... Note to others, don't scare the one with the heart condition lol! My face says it all. And just incase you're wandering, I did let out an s word... "Sugar!" lol.

Next stop, Roma!

Until then,

Adam & Kirsty