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Our Adventures // Kariotahi Beach

This post is a part of 'Our Adventures', a place for us to share a piece of who we are & who WonderFerris represents! We love to scout locations before weddings and turn them into photo dates, we love to go on adventures & explore new places and we love to be as real and authentic as we possibly can be. This adventure took place at Kariotahi Beach, a 2min drive down the road from Castaways Resort out South. As West Aucklanders, we've both never explored many places out South so this was a fun adventure and chance to see more of our own city.

These photos may seem ordinary and like nothing special to most, but for us they are an achievement: they show courage, they show resilience, they show love, they show partnership. For those that don't know, Kirst has a non life threatening heart condition but a condition that has completely changed life for us both. The condition has robbed us of many things but given us an abundance in other ways. Like this. Going for an adventure, hiking up a massive hill together, gave us a lot more than face value. This climb wasn't easy. It took heart rates of 200bpm, chest pain, feeling faint and an overall struggle. But it was another moment to lean on each other, to use love as a push of endurance and resilience and to have courage to not give up on each other but climb the mountain in patience.

Through our health journey, we've learnt to slow down, to plant our feet in faith & to lean on each other. When you're forced to slow down and to fight for the simplest things, life around you becomes more precious, more beautiful, more valued. It makes you realize what is important in life & helps you see the good in all things!

This adventure was a feat worth taking! The waterfall, the hills, the views. It was well worth the climb!

Check out some favourites from our adventure! They are edited a little differently too!

Yep, this is us! Adam & Kirsty. Out seeking Wonder!

Until next time,