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Our Adventures // Rugby, England

On the next part of our journey we headed to Rugby, England - you know, only the birthplace of our national sport! But we also explored around some parts of Coventry including visiting Shakespeare's birthplace in Stratford Upon Avon & visiting Warwick Castle which was originally built in 1086 which is pretty old, especially compared to New Zealand history! Our main reason for visiting this area was actually for family though. Kirsty's dad Ray is actually from England, having moved to NZ 30 odd years ago when he married Kirsty's mum. So visiting England also meant getting to spend time with family in London and family in Rugby which was easily the highlight of our trip! It's hard living on the other side of the world to family but it's so special to see them when you can!

Here are some highlights from this part of our month overseas!

These guys are all Palmers! Here is their Court (not actually)

Church bantering.

In front of Shakespeare's birthplace!

Non stop bantering between the brothers.

Rowing down the Avon River at sunset!

Those awkward car selfies, Adam's stoked. This car was amazing! A hired 7 seater from Sixt Rental.

One thing we learnt on this trip, Adam's not good with heights, hence the facials below. To be fair, we were very near to a grate which you could see to the bottom through!

The family!

We miss this place & these people so much! It's hard to visit family and then leave them behind! But it was so special to stay with them for 4 nights & to make some awesome memories together! We'll be back for another visit that's for sure!

Next up, London!

Until then,

Adam & Kirst